Scenography / Decoration

What's that?

elegant wedding decorations made of natural flowers
elegant wedding decorations made of natural flowers

"What's this?"

You dream of a wedding fairy talea breathtaking decor?

Do you have a crazy theme running through your head?

The scenography is the staging and staging of your marriage and your spaces.

A room is good, a universe is so much better!


Not to be confused with small decorations, the scenography is the performance of the moment.
When we talk about "small decoration" or "simple decoration", we are talking about all the small table decorations, here and there.
When we talk about Scenography, it's about clearly setting the scene!


"Sceno what?"

As a scenographer, my job is to stage your imagination by offering you unusual and ambitious rentals in the first instance, and then to take charge of the installation according to the plans that we will have worked out together. 


Finally, the scenographer takes care of the cleaning for your greatest comfort.

When you leave the premises, leave with a free spirit, sweet dreams, we'll take care of the rest. Luck!


"How's it going?"

We'll talk about the theme you want. Don't panic, if you don't have an idea, I will ask you all my super professional questions so that you can find the idea of the century that will make you dream in advance! We will work out together the plans of your wedding before building it! Based on everything we said during our appointment, I will propose the best providers that best meet your expectations. To do this, I want to know all your desires, ideas (even the wildest!), your dreams and your delusions so that we can structure them and I can offer you the best providers. The goal of the game is that it fits into your budget!


Pro of system D and recycling, the scenography and staging of spaces has become, in addition to being a passion, a real habit.

I have spent the last five years creating fairy-tale shows by imagining the sets with teams of scenographers and lighting technicians.
I have learned how to handle the tools, understand colour harmonies and how to dress the space without overloading it.

I was also able to develop a very safe taste so that I could "make pretty" the most tormented places! 

Thanks to this, I learned to recycle (let's never forget that the most beautiful decoration is our planet!) and therefore to reuse, "to make beautiful with old" to relieve and please your credit cards! 

Bohemian, Chic, Elegant, RocknRoll, Safari, Candle Magic, Flower Forest, Tropic, Gatsby or Harry Potter? 

I accept all your challenges!