Lay Officer

What's that?

sand ceremony table at wedding day

"What's this?"

A secular event, by definition, means without a religious character.
You can still include a billion cool symbols or rituals!

It is also called "Commitment Ceremony, Symbolic Ceremony or American Style Ceremony"!


Its advantages:
♥Elle has no legal value, i.e. the passage to the town hall remains obligatory before the secular ceremony. As a result, it can be used for all kinds of events: weddings, renewal of vows, PACS, etc...

There is no code governing the secular ceremony, it can be personalised as you wish. You generate all the possibilities, your only limit is you!

There are no restrictions of place, it can take place indoors as well as outdoors!

Its drawbacks:
♦Elle has no legal value in the eyes of the state or in the eyes of any religion.

♦C it is often a puzzle to write even the ceremony (hence the need for the officiant 😉).
You will need reinforcements to install and set up the chairs and the decoration for the ceremony.


"How does a secular ceremony take place? »

The entries of the bride and groom

 The introduction of the Officer

 Interventions by relatives

 The exchange of the bride and groom's vows (if you wish)

 Symbolic rituals (if you wish)

 The Exchange of Alliances

 Officer's Statement & Kiss!

 Pictures, tears, smiles and let the party begin! !


Once again, this can be declined, exchanged and customized as you wish! 

Role of the Ceremonial Officer:

Wedding day sign from the bride and groom


I'll be the "conductor" of the ceremony. My role is to conduct the ceremony from the arrival of the guests to their departure. I will be the "lady at the microphone" who avoids awkward moments or white people!

Feathers pink gold background

The feather

I will accompany you on the construction, the writing of your vows if necessary, as well as the choice of music that will accompany your ceremony. I can also support and accompany your relatives in the writing of their speech if they feel the need. Last but not least, I want to know everything about your story in order to write THE text!

wedding planner


I will coordinate with the speakers who will be making a speech so that I can place them in a nice flow. The idea is that everything flows naturally, that you have fun and above all that you discover EVERY D-DAY! There's no way you're going to see our texts beforehand! So be careful what you tell me ... 😉


Creative and artistic spirit, with my sense of humour, I have always loved to write and I am very sensitive to beautiful stories.
My last professional years have allowed me to learn to express myself at the microphone, in French and in English, and then to pass my state license as a lay officer, which offers me a beautiful know-how that I wish to put at your disposal!