Wedding Choreography

What's that?

Bride and groom dancing and having fun in city street.

"What's this?"

Don't forget, the opening of the ball is one of the highlights of your gala.

This is THE dance that will give the look and the scope.

It's one of your first precious moments, you're married!

This is also the time when everyone's eyes are on you, phas the time to make a false move!

Would you rather dance with your witnesses? Ask for Dance of the Tém's!

Choreography for you and your bridesmaids, just ask... Girls Power!

The more, the merrier! Ask for Flash Mob!

A bit of sweetness, Ask Dance with Mom or Dad (or both!)

Your kids want to give you a dance? Ask for Too Mim's!

You want the combo? Ask for Anaïs 😉

Please note that all choreographies are created to measure according to your lives, your personalities, your music, your wishes!

"I have two left feet! - I'm not a dancer! - I don't have the time! »

What enthusiasm!

Let me challenge you both! :

We will exchange on your strengths and talents (yes, you must have kilos of them!). Let's talk about what you like, but also what you hate!

Let's agree on your fetish music that speaks to you and pleases both of you.

Give me a few days to create your personalized wedding choreography and soundtrack.

Do you like it? Let's go for six hours of rehearsal! (3x2h or 4x1h30...don't panic!)

On D-Day, you will dance your union in front of the stunned eyes of your guests.

"Okay, but what if we forget the steps? »

I use memo-technical terms, which vary according to your personalities. The point is that when you dance, you sing the steps in your head. It's just a matter of not forgetting the words!
And then breathe, I'll be there to blow them out just in case!

"Okay, but we don't want to be ridiculous."

There's ridiculous, funny, elegant, adorable... One doesn't stop the other! Let's bet on fun and good thinking. Let's play together on everything that makes you who you are! Are you a doctor or do you work in an office? ? Let's find the right staging 😉 Do you play an instrument? Let's use it! An important anecdote about your couple? Tell me! Do you want to be your best man or your maid of honor? Flash mob? Let's assume that you generate all the possible!


Passionate about dance for generations in my family, I put on my first slippers at a very young age!
Dancing is not just about chained steps or movements. It's a story, which, mixed with props, lights, soundtrack and staging, offers us a demonstration of your EN VIES.
For the past four years, I have been creating and teaching choreography to non dancers and experienced dancers.
The challenge remains not to go too fast so as not to lose the less experienced ones, nor too slowly so that the best ones don't get bored.
As a talent hunter, the aim of the game is that we spend precious moments, in rehearsals like on D-Day!