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what is it?

A Wedding Planner

The Wedding Planner is the person who saves you the monumental stress of a wedding organization!

I am Ana, at my Precious's side from the creation of the concept to the D-Day through the preparations.

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Your "conductor" at your service!

A wedding that's just like you

The emotional moment!

People are watching fireworks.
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Some of you...

We don't have time. 

We've got lots of ideas, but how do we go about it?

We don't want to be like everybody else!

I'm stressing out.

We don't know who to contact?

We want someone to coordinate, but let's keep it our ideas.

We have no idea!

I don't want to be swayed

We've already contacted places we like but they're already taken, we're lost!

I'm always told that it's too early to start organizing!

I'd like to take care of everything without having to refuse the help of my loved ones. 

We'd like an original wedding and some surprises, but what?


Do you recognize yourself?

A Wedding Planner, that's exactly what it's there for!

A little bit of me...

After my studies in Performing Arts, specializing in theatre and directing (Paris, 3 years old), I went backpacking to Australia and Asia (1 year).

Passionate about dance I have always had English in my pocket and a training as an event manager. Later, I joined the largest Holiday Club house in the world to orchestrate and choreograph shows, parties and leisure activities (4 years).

In the field, I learned how to create a soundtrack, associate lights, organize a retro planning, talk into the microphone, create and set up a set, retouch costumes, create original choreographies, lead and manage an event team and last but not least, create, create and create again in record time!

I want Swiss Army knife, to put today my passion and this know-how at the service of your event.

"From the demanding to the D-system, from the millimetre-sized preparation to the lively improvisation, the success of every moment is in my opinion the power and duty of the competent organizer. It is at your side and in your image that I want to honour the demonstration. »

wedding planner

Some of us...

During a first appointment on the phone or in Visio, you tell me about your project and we agree together to meet at your home or in a café.

On this occasion, we will talk about you, your ideas, your dreams, and a little bit more about you!

Following this sharing, I will send you within 10 days a first sketch or inspiration board, that is to say an illustrated account of all the illuminations evoked during our meeting as well as your personalized estimate. 

Only then will my future hiring or debauchery be agreed upon!


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